About Earthtone Builders

NC Licensed General Contractor since 2005

Fully Insured / Unlimited License

Our Mission

Earthtone Builders was established in 2003 with a mission to create beautiful green-built homes. Over the last nearly 20 years we have done exactly that and more. We’ve had the good fortune of opening our doors to a receptive market and clients who believed in us. Our focus has always been on green building practices and exceptional custom homes. We have also brought new life to deserving historic homes and buildings through our renovations and preservation projects.

Along the way we have grown to include an in-house Design Studio, producing some of our most innovative architectural projects to date. 

It is our mission to continue this work and to serve our clients who share our vision. We are committed to the highest standards in building and design.

Earthtone Builders was founded by Owner/ Operator Greg McGuffey

Greg McGuffey


In the 1990’s in Taos, NM Greg found himself surrounded by some of the most unique and sustainable homes in the world. As the birthplace of the “Earthship” (fully self-sufficient homes made of tires and cans – the invention of Architect Mike Reynolds) as well as the site of the longest continually inhabited dwelling in North America (Taos Pueblo), Taos is a place of uncommon and inspiring vernacular. It was this environment that set the hook of a lifelong passion for building and design. That initial spark in Taos soon took Greg to nearby Colorado to study renewable energy, green building, and green home design at Solar Energy International. From that point on Greg continued to work in this field and eventually moved to Asheville, NC in the early 2000’s. After a couple of years working in the area, he opened his own company, Earthtone Builders. He became a licensed NC General Contractor in 2005, and since that time has been designing and building some of the most unique green homes in and around Asheville. He is still at the helm of Earthtone Builders and continues to pursue his passion one project at a time. 

Greg Mcguffey


We pride ourselves on working with the best of the best. We have a full time, dedicated in-house crew and staff, along with the best sub contractors in the industry. We are a small boutique firm, ensuring our clients’ projects receive the quality and attention they deserve. 


  • Designed and built the very 1st NC Green Built Certified Net-Zero energy home in the state
  • Most Innovative Home award winner 2016 AHBA Parade of Homes
  • Most Energy Efficient Home award winner 2015 AHBA Parade of Homes 
  • Cover NC Green building directory 2006
  • Cover NC Green building directory 2017


Our work has been published in multiple design and living guides such as: 

  • Carolina Home & Garden
  • Citizen times
  • Laurel of Asheville
  • WNC Magazine
  • Mountain Xpress


Stephanie Wilder

"I couldn't be happier with Earthtone Builders! Greg built my home in Black Mountain about 15 years ago when I was still single, and I felt that he was looking out for me the whole time. When he finished the project I was so pleased that I told him that if he could find me another pretty lot, I'd choose to start all over again because it was so much fun. Later I married a builder, and he says that the workmanship of the house is first rate! Earthtone is the best!."

Mike and Alesha Reardon

“Working with Greg is the best case scenario when it comes to a general contractor. Greg is attentive, hard-working, trustworthy and super-talented! We could not have asked for a better experience while designing and building our home."

Troy and Kelly 

Modern Asheville Real Estate

"Having worked with Greg of Earthtone Builders on selling at least three properties at various stages of completion we know his quality and products very well. Words describing his work are quality, creative, earth-friendly and sustainable for the long haul. All our clients have loved both living in their homes and living well. Greg is friendly, straightforward and just fun to work with. Clients truly feel cared for and heard."

 Brent Campbell Architects

“Working with Earthtone Builders was truly a collaborative experience. During the construction phase of our project, we were all able to bounce ideas back and forth off of each other creating a meaningful collaborative pairing."