New Home Construction in Asheville, NC

“If you can dream it, we can build it.”

Earthtone Builders specializes in custom built homes. We manage every aspect of construction from the vacant land to a fully finished, move-in ready home. Custom building is where client service becomes paramount, and we deliver every last detail precisely to our clients’ preferences. We build our homes to the highest standards using the best practices and materials available, and all of our homes are green-built and highly energy efficient.

We also take pride in our craftsmanship and the implementation of a thoughtful design. Both the big and little details matter in a custom home and we make sure to get them right. Different styles of architecture require different approaches and we understand what is required to create a perfect finished product.

The first question we are always asked is “what is the cost to build a new home?”. Please see our response outlined below. 

The current cost to build a new custom home in our area is roughly $350-400 per square foot. This price point includes everything from start to finish; grading, driveway, utilities, turn-key construction and final landscaping. It is also reflective of a high quality, green-built home and everything that goes into it. (Higher-end homes start at $400/sqft and up).  

We typically work on a cost-plus basis. This means that the contract for the home is based on the actual costs of all materials, subcontractors and supplies, plus a percentage for the construction management of the home. Sometimes we work on a cost plus flat fee basis. In this scenario we have a predetermined set fee for the management and construction of the home, and all other expenses are billed at actual cost.

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